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About Us

We thank you for taking the time to get to know about our Namaste yoga academy what we can offer. We are operating our yoga school for 10 years in Hong Kong.

Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality of services at an affordable price, all in the convenience of your home or office and at our various studios for group classes. Our Academy looks forward to being your personal and corporate yoga wellness programs facilitator as well.

Our yoga classes are mainly focused for private one on one basis and group classes for which we conduct yoga classes in your premises at your home or office or club houses including our studio locations at various places in Hong Kong.

Your private yoga lesson will be tailored to meet the needs of your interest. Our teachers begins each lesson with an assessment of how you are feeling in the moment and then leads you to their safe teachings, and they encourages you with their voice and adjusts your alignment, making you feel of energy, balanced, calm and lightness throughout each class.

Our Indian masters are a traditional Hatha Yoga teacher who blends and incorporates flowing sequences, partner stretching and elemental manual therapy.

About Master Loganathan, he guides all our team & updated the needs of yoga at different platform of our students. He also designs a tailor made program for each of our clients. Namaste yoga introduces the practices of yoga by developing physical and emotional awareness through relaxation and a focus on breathing which is the core of Indian tradition.

Our teachers respect the complexity of the mind, body and spirit during his session with their students.

Our school quotes “You do not need to be flexible in order to practise yoga’’.

Our school quotes “You do not need to be flexible in order to practise yoga’’.