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Yoga Workshops. 2016.

Need a little mood boost? Take some time for yourself today and try these heart-opening, uplifting steps at yoga workshop. You will definitely feel happy, lighter and happier because yoga makes you feel better internally. It's no secret that yoga is chock-full of both physical and mental health benefits, yet it's often brushed aside as something to gain flexibility with healthy mind and body. Practicing yoga regularly help people of all ages, sizes, even people who are physically challenged can practice. Especially those who can't touch their toes or do a perfect handstand they can gain flexibility. It increases strength in your core, arms and legs. It allows you to use body weight to strengthen from head to toe; these practices increase your mental&physical confidence as an athlete. Yoga has spread all over the world and the most common branch of yoga followed in the western world is hatha yoga which has to do with the practice of physical postures or asanas. Several yoga workshops all over the world teach hatha yoga, it is also said to prepare the body for higher forms of meditation or a higher possibility of internal energy. A yoga workshop help person clears the pipeline of the body to enjoy the spiritual energy in them.
  • Explore the “ Shavasana”

    • Deep relaxation techniques for stress,Technique 1hr,Importances,Benefits
    • Every Friday 7 to 8pm, 8.30 to 9.30pm
    Fees 100$
  • Yoga therapy for Shoulder Pain. 2 hrs

    • Periarthritis shoulder,Frozen shoulder,Supraspinatus tendinitis,Shoulder joint instability.
    • August 13th 2 to 4 pm
    Fees 700$
  • Yoga therapy for knee joint pain ; 2hrs

    • Osteo arthritis of the knee,Knee pain. Other knee related problems
    • August 20th 2 to 4pm
    Fees 700$
  • Advance yogasana trainings every Saturday

    • Yogasana
    • 10 to 12 pm
    Fees 500$
  • Resolve Back Pain through Yoga postures

    • Back Pain
    • August 20th 2 to 4pm
    Fees 500$
  • If you are not still sure what fitness routine you should adopt. Take a look how practicing yoga workshop can change you spiritually, physically and mentally.

    • Improve Flexibility: Practicing yoga steps can improve athletic performance in several sports activities.
      Mental & Physical Strength: Yes, practicing this ancient exercise methods can build strength and can make you strong in your core arms and legs. In addition, overweight folks can practice yoga exercise to lose weight.
      Body Awareness: Most of us are curious to understand the limitation of human body and what our body is capable of. Yoga workshop can help you with this.
      Heal Body: Perhaps you know that 90% of disease in human body starts from stomach. At yoga workshop all these diseases can be finished forever.
      Improves in Concentration: Making your mind empty from all thoughts and take it into zero zones is not an easy task, but yoga can help you do that. The breathing, balancing and stretching in yoga, great and good focus is required.
      Improves in Breathing: Yoga can help you improve and control on your breath, which makes good effect on lungs and kidneys.
      Healthy Weight Loss: Regular practicing of yoga can help you lose or gain weight in healthy way.

      Advance yogasana trainings every Saturday (10 to 12 pm)

  • Yoga therapy for knee joint pain. 2 hrs.

    • (Deep relaxation techniques for stress)
    • Technique 1hr.
    • Importances
    • Benefits
    • Every Friday 7 to 8pm, 8.30 to 9.30pm.
    Fees 700$